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How to send mail to the Google Mail Trash folder when deleting in MS Outlook 2007

I have recently setup a Google Apps mail account which uses my company domain name.

I can manage this mail account through Outlook 2007 and all works well, except when I delete an email (for example after reading it in my inbox), the email isn't sent to the Trash folder, it simply disappears.

If I login to the Google Mail site and do the same thing online, the deleted mail is put into the Trash folder, not permanently deleted.  The same also happens when deleting mail on my iPhone.

I also have a POP3 mail account with an ISP and when deleting mails in this account (in Outlook 2007) the emails are moved to the deleted folder.

I understand that my Google Mail account is using IMAP, therefore local copies of the mail aren't being taken (as they are for POP3 mail), but how can I prevent Outlook 2007 from "permanently" deleting mail rather than putting it in the Trash folder of my Google Apps Mail account.  I say "permanently" as I can actually see it in the All Mail folder, so it must still exist somewhere!
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I have now managed to "simulate" Outlook 2007 deleting mail to the Trash folder for an IMAP Google Mail account.  This is done as follows:

Google Mail configuration.
1. Sign on to your Google Mail account and click Settings, then click on the Labs tab.
2. Scroll down and click Enable against Advanced IMAP Controls.
3. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes.
4. You will be taken back to your email, so go back into Settings and click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and you should now see the additional IMAP Access settings.
5. Click on "Do not automatically expunge messages".
6. Click on "Move the messages to the Trash".
7. Click on Save Changes.
7. Go back into settings and click on the Labels tab and clear the "Show in IMAP" checkbox alongside the All Mail label.
8. Click Save Changes.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 configuration.
1. Assuming you have already configured your IMAP account in Outlook, click on the Inbox Folder to ensure it is selected.
2. On the strip menu click View, then Current View and click "Hide Messages Marked for Deletion".
3. Repeat step 2 for each folder that you want to "hide" deleted data in.  You will need to select the folder by clicking on it before changing the Current View.
Note: Setting the "Hide Messages Marked for Deletion" isn't absolutely necessary but without doing this deleted emails will still be visible with a line through them.  Hiding them is more akin to deleting mail in the usual POP3 account.
3. If you use a reading pane this may be lost by this setting, but it can be switched on again by clicking View, Reading Pane and choosing the required location.
4. On the strip menu click Edit, then Purge, then Purge Options...
5. Click the "Purge items when switching folders while online" check box, then click OK.

Emails can now be deleted from the Inbox and they will "appear" to move to the Trash folder.  In actual fact they will only be moved to Trash when clicking on a different folder.

If the message exists in more than one folder (that is visible in Outlook 2007) then it will not move to Trash.  This is why it was necessary to configure Google Mail to prevent it displaying the All Mail archive on the email client.

The message is only moved when it is expunged.  This is performed by "purging" the mail in Outlook, which is done automatically by moving folders.

I hope this helps anyone trying to achieve a similar delete mechanism for Google Mail IMAP accounts as they get for POP3 accounts by default in Outlook 2007.