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Creating TrueCrypt Volumes - can anyone offer programming help?

TrueCrypt provides facilites to create a volume from the commandline - but this is still only available in the Linux not the Windows version and the TrueCrypt folks are unable or unwilling to say when this will be available.

This has become important for the UK Eductaion community which we serve and could be crucial in our efforts to make TrueCrypt a viable proposition and so drive takeup of encryption to protect childrens information using open source technology.

Would like to know how much work/time would be involved in updating the Windows version for someone to make this available. If there's anyone with the requisite skills (C I believe) and/or experience who would undertake this work and if so whether they would be prepared to contribute this effort to the community.

If the effort/cost is low we may be able to fund it - otherwise we may look for sponsorship. Can anyone help with any of that please. Thanks

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8/22/2022 - Mon

I agree. I work in the health care (10.000 employees) and we have the same wish.

Thanks for the comment. Will post here if / when I have a positive outcome (and the enhancements will be contributed to the Opem Source project of course) - but if you let me have contact details I will keep you updated.

Are yoiu UK based btw?

No Im Dutch. But posting an email address is not wise. Lets keep this site as our central point. In the mean time  we can try to find a forum or something like sourceforge to energize and boost this idea.

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William Peck

I have one more option I've not tried yet ...
We could try to create two partitions on a flash disk. One small and one bigger one. The small one could  contain a Thin App version of True crypt and the other partition could be the protected partition.

With Thin App from VMware you can run a before snap shot of your maiden machine. Then you install TrueCrypt and then Thin App has to run again and it creates a difference file that can be made in to portable application. This means that the application runs within a bubble with a own virtual registry loaded in a part of the systems memory. In this way you can take the application with you were ever you go.

More info at:



>Lets keep this site as our central point. In the mean time  we can try to find a forum or something like sourceforge to energize and boost this idea.
Good idea.
> ...... More info at:http://www.thinstall.com/<
Can you explain further please  - not sure I understand the suggestion.

Do you mean running the Linux version of TrueCrypt inside a Linux VM withing Windows to create file based TrueCrypt volume?

My goal is to encrypt existing flash drives and I would like to do this automated. So a script that asks the user what drive should be addressed and then with a VBS script format that drive 20% small partition 80 % large partition. Than move to the small partition a full working TrueCrypt that controles the large partition or a container on it.

Your way would be better but further away.
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Please see my original question which covers the current version of TrueCrypt - but thanks any way

Depending on what it is you are trying to do, an alternative to a true command-line interface to TrueCrypt may be to wrap the TrueCrypt GUI in an AutoIt3 script.  If you are just looking to automate the creation of the volume during an installation process, for example, this might work fine.  (We use several AutoIt3 scripts as part of our fully-scripted server build process to do things like install the Java runtime and change several settings during installation -- something that normally requires hands-on GUI clicking.)

Note, however, that wrapping a GUI installer in an AutoIt script assumes that you will be running this from a local GUI console (or via Remote Desktop) -- if you are trying to run something via a remote command line such as SSH, they don't help.

Searching the AutoIt forums turned up several sample scripts of people already doing something similar.  Here is one: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=75636 .


just a remark:

Command Line Usage Note that this section applies to the Windows version of TrueCrypt.

So Rich is right.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.