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Object not a collection error when running VBScript at login

I'm trying to run this VBScript through kix for Citrix login script. The VBScript runs fine when I run it manually after user has logged into the Citrix. However I want it to run by kix calling the vbscript. It calls fine but it doesn't seem to run too well at the moment.

VBScript forces changes of the timezone for citrix user

The error message I get is

AEDT.vbs(29, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Object not a collection

AEDT.vbs is the vbscript file I'm running from kix command

Const HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT   = &H80000000
Const HKEY_CURRENT_USER   = &H80000001
Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  = &H80000002
Const HKEY_USERS          = &H80000003
Const REG_SZ        = 1
Const REG_BINARY    = 3
Const REG_DWORD     = 4
Const REG_MULTI_SZ  = 7
uBinary = Array(&Ha8,&Hfd,&Hff,&Hff,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&Hc4,&Hff,&Hff,&Hff,&H00,&H00,&H04,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H01,&H00,&H03,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H0a,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H01,&H00,&H02,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00,&H00)
' Chose computer name, registry tree and key path
strComputer = "." ' Use . for current machine
strKeyPath = "Software\Citrix\SessionTimeZone\"
' Connect to registry provider on target machine with current user
Set oReg = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv")
' Enum the subkeys of the key path we've chosen
oReg.EnumKey hDefKey, strKeyPath, arrSubKeys
For Each strSubkey In arrSubKeys
  strKeyPath = strKeyPath + strSubkey
oReg.SetStringValue hDefKey, strKeyPath, "Display", "AUS Eastern Standard Time"
oReg.SetStringValue hDefKey, strKeyPath, "Dlt", "AUS Eastern Daylight Time"
oReg.SetBinaryValue hDefKey, strKeyPath, "TZI", uBinary
oReg.SetDWORDValue hDefKey, strKeyPath, "UseRegTimeZone", "00000001"

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