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How can I stop smtp from retrying to send a message at the second and third interval?

I need to send a newsletter to 2000 people.  I only want to try and send the message one time.  If it is unable to send the message, then generate an NDR.

Do I change the entry for
a)  "second retry interval (minutes)" to 0?
b)  "third retry interval (minutes)" to 0?

What do I change the the "subsequent retry interval" to?


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Sorry...that should have read...

Give the 'second retry interval' field a value greater than the 'expiration timeout field' and it shouldn't attempt any deliveries beyond the original and first retry.

For clarity...if you only want one attempt before generating an NDR then you should follow my first post.

If you want to attempt one retry (i.e. the original send plus one more delivery attempt = the 'first retry'), then follow my second post.
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Is this correct?
Yes that should work. I also tested it myself on a production server and the NDR was produced after 1 minute.