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HP laptop w// xp slipstreamd freezes after quickplay buttons are pressed

Hi I originally posted here https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/24061462/after-i-press-volume-buttons-on-the-laptop-the-computer-freezes.html

since then I took my spare hard drive, installed it, and installed windows in hopes of fixing this problem- to sum the last post up whenever I press the media controll touch pannel buttons (mute, volume up down, play, ect) the laptop freezes up and I have no choice but to hold the power button down to reset it.

So my OS is alittle corrupt (degrag didnt work, quick restore didnt work) so I used a spare drive to install my OS again. (laptop was designed for vista, which I cant stand). So I had to slipstream  the sata drivers and rebuild my xp cd.

So with the original drive removed, I began reinstalling my programs (the new drive will be the new drive c).

After I installed several apps, I decided to install my antivirus, nod32. I decided to "let it detect malware apps" which I usually say no to, but I did let it this time. After the install, the same thing happened on the new drive- the laptop freeses. For ex. if its not on mute and I press the mute button, I touch the button and I hear the beep but the button does not turn red (usually turns red when muted). I will click on icons, nothing happens. Oddly the only button that works is the start button. Usually if I press start --> U --> U the computer turns off. If the laptop is frozen though, if I press start --> U --> U the U keys are not detected, so nothing happens. The only option is to press the power button.

So I did a restore (with this new xp install on this drive the restore works unlike on my original drive which it fails). I restore it to a time before I installed nod 32 and when its done restoring, the buttons work. So I reinstalled it again but I did not check off the "monitor for malware" or whatever it was called- and this time when it finished the buttons still worked.

So it seams like the problem is solved- the buttons only have problems when nod32 is monitoring for malware. So I was very happy, (took me like all day to "solve") and I installed my label maker program, label factory delux version 3, then I installed nero v. 9.

I went to put some music on and went to unmute it, when I notived the mute button didnt work, and you guessed it- frozen after I clicked it again.

I see that nero also installed directx, but I am wondering if anyone has any idea as to what the problem may be? I know lots about computers but this one just puzzles me. PS all drivers are installed also. If I were to guess, it would seam its ethere a hardware problem (I only got 1 more month on the 90 day warranty, as the unit is a refurb) or its a problem caused by xp since it was made for vista.

But I had the old hard drive running xp fpr 2 months (from day 1 the reg backup didnt work) but the buttons always worked and I never had a problem with the defrag with the original drive until last week. PS this new drive runs defrag fine, and also does the quick restore - no errors. So since im having this problem so much now, would it make sence to call a hardware problem? any info is appreciated
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ps- the reason it worked in vista is cus defender caught the virus, since I didnt have a/v installed on my OS in hopes of fixing this issue first, my antivirus software did not pick it up! when I saw the virus warning in vista, it said nothing about winrar, just detected an infected file in the system folder I believe (I figured it was a security vonerability rather then a virus at the time). wow, I feel so embarist I spent this ammount of time on this issue, its almost funny.
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