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Design Patterns vs Framework

What is the difference between desing pattern and framework
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framework word can be also address defined schemes of software design and build, a collection of procedures that the developer can follow to achieve better results.
In this sense, a framework is not a pattern. A pattern tells you how to solve a particular design problem. A framework, like Unified Process, SCRUM, Extreme Programming, etc, are methods to productively develop software that cover every aspect in the development process: how to understand the domain of interests, how to design robustly the interfaces, how to exchange ideas among team, best way to achieve a common vision, best way to deal with clients, best way to organize the work, etc...

If I had to make a metaphore, a design pattern is a martial art move, a special punch or kick to attack in that situation: you can use it just in that problem and just to solve that, otherwise you'll mess everything; a design framework is the entire martial art style: everybody are more or less effective and deal with the problem from a different perspective.

I repeat, a design framework is NOT a software framework, which is a software library to help developers (like, the Java library, GTK, QT, .NET, MFC, etc.)
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A way of looking at it that I find helpful is as follows:

A design pattern is a abstraction of a best practiceit can be used as a guide or reference to be applied in any implementations where it is appropriate.

A framework is a partial implementation of a best practice or design pattern that the user builds upon to create a complete and fully-functional end product.