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Consumming managed arrays in Javascript

I have a managed class written in c++.
An instance of the class is passed to a JavaScript function in HTML page via COM,
A COM wrapper for the class is created via Marshal::GetIDispatchForObject.

All the simple properties and methods work correctly, but the properties that return Arrays or List<> are seen in JavaScript debug as "Array of object".
Problem is I cant access any of the objects in the array.
I tried the naive approach : array_var[index]
No go...
I tried wrapping the array in VBArray object... No go...
Any help is appreciated.
Some sample code is below:

// Managed class definition
public ref class ManagedClass
    // This is used to create a COM object that is later passed to JScript
    IntPtr AsCOMObject()
	return Marshal::GetIDispatchForObject(this);
    // This is a sample array property
   property array<Camera^>^ Cameras {
      array<Camera^>^ get() {
	List<Camera^>^ cameras = gcnew List<Camera^>();
	for (map<wstring, camera>::iterator iter = _internal->Cameras.begin(); iter != _internal->Cameras.end(); iter++)
	Camera^ oCam = gcnew Camera(&iter->second);
	return cameras->ToArray();
// Here is the JScript part
function OnReady(netobject)
    for(i in netobject.Cameras) // this doesnt work!!!

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Michel Plungjan

8/22/2022 - Mon
Michel Plungjan


This is not what I Am looking for.
Of course I could export the whole strusture of the object as JSON but than:
1. I would need to implement custom serialization to and from JSON.
2. I would loose the bi directional interface , i.e, in order to set some property on the object I would have to come up with a way of setting it on JSON object and than copy it back to the managed client...
There has to be a simplier way...
Michel Plungjan

What does

  for(i in netobject) alert(i+':'+netobject[i])

tell you?
All of life is about relationships, and EE has made a viirtual community a real community. It lifts everyone's boat
William Peck

It doesn't enter the loop at all...
Michel Plungjan

Then I am out of ideas (I am a js person, not c#)

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