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Issue with moving DHCP from 2000 to 2003 box with DHCPEXIM

I have moved the DHCP scopes from my 2000 box to my 2003 box with the following steps.

1.) Installed DHCP on 2003 box
2.) Ran "net stop dhcpserver" on 2000 box
3.) Ran "jetpack dhcp.mdb temp.mdb" on 2000 box
4.) Ran DHCPEXIM app and saved the scopes as text file
5.) Disabled DHCP on 2000 box
5.) Moved text file to 2003 box
6.) Ran "netsh dhcp server import c:\2000.txt all" on 2003 box
7.) Authorized DHCP server

After I authorize the DHCP server on the 2003 I am not getting any address releases from the dhcp server.  Any idea why?  thanks.
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Amit Bhatnagar

8/22/2022 - Mon

In addition to Authorizing the DHCP server, you have to Activate the scope. Is the scope activated?

The scopes are showing as active
Amit Bhatnagar

Is the traffic for DHCP even reaching the Server?
I know a single LAN..what could possibly be blocking it...but then again..Let's make sure..Taking a trace on DHCP will show Discover packet frmo the clients. If the DHCP does not respond back with an offer...We have a problem.
Also, is this Server multihomed by any chance? If Yes, please make sure that it is binding to the correct NIC.
Check EventVwr under System. Any logs that might be pointing to DHCP.
RRAS\Windows Firewall enabled?
IPSEC policy corruption can cause this even if no policies are in effect.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Is there something I need to do so the clients can point to the new DHCP server rather than trying to connect to the old one?

\\Is there something I need to do so the clients can point to the new DHCP server rather than trying to connect to the old one?
No, the clients simply send out a broadcast request for a DHCP server. They don't point directly at a server.

Are they picking up any other DHCP server? A rougue DHCP server may be running on a new printer, router, ect.

How complex is your DHCP configuration? You may just want to configure a new scope from scratch and forget about trying to import. Maybe something is screwed up with the export/import. Creating a new scope is not going to affect any of your client computers that already have a IP address. You would need to compare the IP addresses in the old database and make an exception list with them already used addressed. Then, as the lease duration on the old IP addresses retire, you can delete them from the exception list.
Amit Bhatnagar

Hey, like Netadmin said...No..It all works on Broadcast...so you need not do anything...You can configuring a new scope. Clients have a built in mechanism
called Gratutious Arp that will take care of Duplicate IPs on the Network. You can also try configuring Conflict Detection on the Server to avoid duplicate IPs.
Even if after all this, the setup does not work then you might want to come back to my steps in previous reply.
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Would it matter if the old DHCP server is on a different subnet than the new DHCP server?  It's just strange.  Everything looked great, but it was like the new server was not broadcasting out.

Of course it matters if the new DHCP server is on another subnet... To make it clear, please post here some info about your network.
1. IP of the DHCP server
2. Scope
3. What LAN segment are your computers in?
You can't have a DHCP server with the IP give IP's to a scope, unless you use subnetting on all your machines ( mask for example), or if you have a DHCP relay agent configured on the router that routes to, or if you define supersope.

I have provided the information you requested below.  Let me know if you need anything else.

Old DHCP Server:
New DHCP Server:

Scopes being moved:

10.30.26.x - 10.30.27.x
10.30.36.x - 10.30.37.x
170.190.240.x - 170.190.243.x

All of our clients are using 170.190.240.x - 170.190.243.x.  The rest are wireless devices.

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William Peck

Well, as you can see, your old DHCP server was configured corectly. It was serving 4 class C networks with a mask of 22 from 170.190.240.x to 170.190.243.x
Now, what are you trying to do? What is with the new scopes 10.30.26.x ?
Why did you change the IP of the DHCP server if you continue to serve the same clients?

I have only been here for a couple of weeks so I inherited the config.  We currently have 2000 server box that has DHCP server on it and also being used as a file server.  I am wanting to move the DHCP server to a new location on a 2003 box.  The list of scopes above are the active scopes we currently have on the 2000 box.  I am unable to use the same IP address because the 2000 box is being used for file sharing and the 2003 box is currently being used as a secondary DNS server.  I went through the instructions found at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/325473 and everything looked good, but it seemed like the requests were not going through.

I understand what you're saying, but give your new DHCP server an ip from the same class as the old DHCP server. of course you can't assign it the same IP address. But you can assign it a free IP from the same class, like for examaple.
Why did you give it an IP from the class?
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The new server ( was already in production and being used as a DC.  

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Amit Bhatnagar

Hey since marius has taken over this question, I will work on other cases..:) take care

Amit Bhatnagar.