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Telnet not working for pop3/exchange2003

I have a user named jimmy dean. Jimmy is setting up his phone for email, and instead of using IMAP4, he wants to use Pop3. Outlook clients outside the office use pop3 including the owner, and no one has had an issue for years. Jimmy tries setting up pop3 on his phone, and keeps getting a username password error. He brings this to my attention and I laugh he obviously forgot his password.

I reset Jimmys password to password, and tested the login with a local terminal, and it worked. He logged into the domain with no problems. He tried accessing mail through pop3 and once again it fails. saying Bad user/password. I tried telneting into the server
telnet mail.domain.com
user jimmy.dean
pass password
-ERR Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

I can login to the domain and I can login to OWA with jimmys credentials, only pop3 fails. No one else that uses the exchange server is having an issue. What do I do short of deleting jimmy and re-creating him?
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