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Difference between the "Audio" and "Voice" tab setting in WIN xP

I'm setting up WIN XP to work with Echo Indigo IO PC Card. In the control panel there is the "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" with tabs "Audio" and "Voice".  In the Audio tap there is the Sound Playback and Sound Recording. In the Voice tab there is the Voice playback and voice recording.  Where are each of these inputs and outputs?  Can the playback be the same for both? Can the recording be the same for both? Why the distinction except for bandwidth?  I've had some difficulty getting SONAR 8 and the PC Card to produce output so I want to understand these differnces. Thanks

Audio Playback
Audio Recording
Voice Playback
Voice Recording
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Thanks for the response and I'm with you. But does windows treat Audio and voice differently?  Why are there two for recording and playback of sound?
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I'll find answer elsewhere. Thanks