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How Many Simultaneous VOIP Voice Calls Can 1 Comcast Internet Connection Support?

If I have a Comcast internet connection at 6mbps down and 1.5mbps up, how many simultaneous VOIP calls will that support?  There would be a Digium TE122B card involved which supposedly supports 24 and 32 channel connections.  My assumption is, 1 voice call per channel but how many channels are in a Comcast connection at 6mbps down and 1.5mbps up?  Thanks!
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It depends on what VOIP system you will be setting up and what kinds of codecs it uses to compress the data. For example having a Ventrillo server needs on average only 3KB up and 3KB down dedicated bandwith per channel, and would support all 24 or 32 channels. Other voice over systems require more dedicated bandwith and use more data to function.
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First off, there are a LOT of variables that can come into play when dealing with VOIP. Here is a calculator that might be helpful

Supposedly this utility measures for you but i couldnt get it to work correctly for some reason from that page you can see a chart of various bandwidth required for VOIP.

Also, keep in mind that the infrastructure of comcast does not promise those actual speeds and can vary GREATLY throughout the day. Just becuase a calculated estimate says you can support 20 voip lines doesnt mean it will ssupport that in reality, especially if you plan on using internet at the same time.
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Thanks guys.. So, is the rule, 1 call per channel??
BTW, I will be running Asterisk on Ubuntu for the PBX... I am thinking about getting the Digium TE122B card to start with..  Any thoughts on that?
I'm not a VOIP expert at all but I think the real question is how many SIMULTANEOUS calls will you be trying to run at the same time? I've heard good things about Asterisk though!
Excactly ! If I can figure out how many simultaneous voice calls are supported per channel, I can figure out how many customers I can support on 1 connection.  

I have been reading an Oreilly book on Asterisk.  It's bad ass.
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That's what I was looking for!  A+ response Relix42!  Thank you.