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Siebel High Interactivity Active X issue

I am trying to login to Siebel application using IE7. When I login I get a pop-up saying Siebel High Interactivity framework for IE is not current. I also see a message saying to help protect security, IE stopped this site from installing an Active X control.(attached the screenshot)
I am running IE7 on Win XP SP3.

When I click OK on the pop-up the site logs me out and prevents me from installing the Active X control required. I searched in lot of forums and tried several different things. I tried to change Active X settings, settings related to signature of publisher,lower security settings and adding the site to trusted sites etc. But no luck with any of these.
I have another desktop which has IE7 and I was able to login, install Active X and access the Siebel application. Please suggest if you know of any resolutions to fix this. Appreciate your help in advance.

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This question was already raised by another member, Kindly refer to the thread having subject:

"Siebel 7, Your version of the Siebel High Interactivty Framework for IE, required use of this Siebel application may not be current."

for the resolution.

Thanks and Regards