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Looking for some javascript and/or solution to load a remote update (exe) once the html is loaded?

Looking to have my client's employees login to the Intranet and have the home page load an exe from a remote server with NO user interaction.  

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this is not a JS problem. it is a server side problem. however, you can make an AJAX request to server to do this with the onload event of the body tag.
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run program from server by javascript? It may too dangerous. If it is a must, I suggestion run the program by server scripting languages.
If indeed, please provide what is your server OS (should be windows) and web server and server programming language (asp/jsp/php.......)?

If web server language is asp, try
Dim oShell
Dim lRet
Set oShell = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
lRet = oShell.Run("notepad.exe", 1, True)
You could do this with an invisible applet, but it would need to be signed
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Best solution for the following system:

Server: CentOS
Workstations: Windows SP2/SP3 IE7/IE6

Any sample cope for invisible applet, AJAX methods?  How can sign the application if isnt already?

Thank you.
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Check your email when you have a chance.  :)