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Supply password when linking Access tables programmatically with VBA

I have some code I have used successfully for some years to link back-end tables programmatically to front end tables in an Access 2003 application.  The code is shown below.

The back end database now needs to be password protected.  How do I add a password parameter into the code below or tell the application the password?  I do not wish to start again with this code, just to add the appropriate parameter or code into the existing subroutine.

Thank you.
Private Sub b_ReattachTables_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_b_ReattachTables_Click
Dim strPrgFilePath As String
Dim strPrgFileName As String
Dim strPrgFileFolder As String
strPrgFilePath = Application.CurrentDb.Name
strPrgFileName = Dir(strPrgFilePath)
strPrgFileFolder = Left(strPrgFilePath, Len(strPrgFilePath) - Len(strPrgFileName))
Dim tdf As DAO.TableDef
For Each tdf In DBEngine(0)(0).TableDefs
If ((tdf.Attributes And dbSystemObject) = 0) And (tdf.Connect <> vbNullString) And Not (tdf.Name Like "~*") Then
    tdf.Connect = ";DATABASE=" & Trim(strPrgFileFolder) & "BACKEND.mdb" 
    Me!lblMsg.Caption = "Linking..." & tdf.Name
End If
Me!lblMsg.Caption = ""
MsgBox "Linked tables have been re-attached", 64, "Attach Tables"
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Please add back-end files to the current directory!", vbCritical, "Error No 3."
    Resume Exit_b_ReattachTables_Click
End Sub

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Gustav Brock
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Delete the linked tables and relink them having the mark set for "Save password".

See also:

It's late, but I found this - see if you can figure it out from this:

    Dim sDbName As String
    Dim sPwdOld As String
    Dim sPwdNew As String
    Dim db As DAO.Database

    sDbName = "C:\DataP3WithPwd.mdb"
    sPwdOld = InputBox("Old Pwd: ")
    sPwdNew = InputBox("New Pwd:")
    'sPwdOld = "***"
    'sPwdNew = "jam"
    Set db = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(sDbName, options:=True, readonly:=False, Connect:=";PWD=" & sPwdOld & ";")
    db.NewPassword sPwdOld, sPwdNew
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cactus_data and Database MX
Thanks for replying, but I am not asking how to do it manually, nor by a different solution.  Also, the DatabaseMX solution refers to changing a password, not to supplying a constant password programmatically.
My specific question is how to insert the password into the code that I provided; I believe it likely to be in the nature of a parameter added to the Connect Property.
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Gustav Brock
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Many thanks Gustav, that worked perfectly!  

(I also have a related question, but will post that separately in a moment.)
You are welcome!

"I believe it likely to be in the nature of a parameter added to the Connect Property. "
That's what I was trying to show late last night, but I couldn't get the right syntax ... and I was tired.  Gustav came up with it.