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How can i remove a Child domain from forest if my Dc cannot go up?

I have 1 Forest, 1 Root Domain called Israal and the second domain is a child domain called TelAviv,
There was a Virtual machine that was the domain and i deleted the VM so i didn't rmove the dc from the domain and that's why it still thinks that the domain telaviv is up.
i tried olmost every think i saw on google but it didn't work, the metadata cleanup didn't work cause they cannot connect to the specified dc. need help plz

someone here took the a new server and called him the same and installed a new child domain with a new domain name but the same computer account name and this is another problem

i am in a big mess need help plz
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The child domain is not demoted so i still see it in the Domain and trust of the root domain so i can't do anything and all articles are saying that i need to demote the dc's from the domain child domain but it didn't happend

Did you read the link I posted? This is specifically written with instructions detailing how you remove the metadata of the Child Domains when the DCs were not demoted properly. It should be all you need to clear the domain with issues out of Active Directory.

i am stuppid :) i did what the aricle said before and i didn't understand why it didn't work and then i understood that i wasn't on the Domain Naming Master cause i tought that it was that one.