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Scanner that can scan over network without pc software installed


We are starting to think about migrating to terminal services for our production department. My question is that they currently have a cheap networked hp all in one unit that they scan to their desktops with. In order to set this up we had to install hp software on the pc in order to get the scanning to work. Install software choose the ip of the scanner etc...

So really my question is if I put them all on terminals how can I scan to the terminal server or a place in the file server. I don't mind ditching the hp all in one for a machine that i able to scan to a file share that the user designates directly on the scanner. Or if a scanner has a light enough software that is compatible to be installed on the terminal server.

our copier machine (konicka minoltal) has this capbility but it is in a different building and we can afford to buy another and maintain a service contract. I am just looking for a way to do this that is less expensive.
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