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MS Access tab order first in the header

I need some help getting the tab order of my access forms to work the way that is needed.

I have a search form (newsearchfom) which has unbound text boxes in the header.  
When the form is loaded I need the tab order to start on the last name box (last1name)in the header (see picture)  I put  LAST1NAME.SETFOCUS in the on event field on the form, but it takes 2 pushes of the tab button for the curser to arrive at the field.  The curser doesn't not seem to be any place else before or after pushing the tab button or after pushing the tab button once.

I tried adding an unbound text box in the detail section , making in invisable and setting the tab order to start with it, and then setting the on click event to LAST1NAME.SETFOCUS but that did not work.  I tried setting the on load and on open events of the form to LAST1NAME.SETFOCUS but they did not work either (they either did not work at all or were no faster than two tab pushes)
Is there a way to set the focus to the last name field in the header when the form is loaded to be able to enter text immediately?

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