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How do I concatenate two textbox values into one variable in my php/javascript code?

I have the two fields shown belown; in my javascript, I want the BJ variable to hold both the Q_28 and Q_26 values.  I tried to concatenate them, but it doesn't work.  Could someone show me how to do this please?
<input id="text8" type="hidden" name="text8" value="<?php echo $_REQUEST['Q_28'];?>">
<input id="text4" type="hidden" name="text4" value="<?php echo $_REQUEST['Q_26'];?>">
var BJ. = document.getElementById('text8').value; //Project Title
   var BJ. = document.getElementById('text4').value; //Project type

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the .= operator exists in php, not in javascript. In javascript you need to use +=. Also you need to use var only once - when you are declaring the variable:

var BJ = document.getElementById('text8').value; //Project Title
BJ  += '  ' + document.getElementById('text4').value; //Project type
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perfecto!!! thank you.