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Error number: 0x80072F8F Your computer's date and time appear to be out of sync with an update certificate

Hi All

Fresh Install Of WinXP Pro on a customers Computer. Legit Disk, install went without any issues. I can surf the net and all seems to be working fine. However Windows Update throws up the Error above and other programs such as AVG Free will not Update.

A quick look around the net and looking at MS's tips all suggest that I need to Make sure the time and Date Are correct, Both are and are being updated by Internet time (au.pool.ntp.org)

Found a Post saying re-register Softpub.dll, mssip32.dll, and initpki.dll..............I did this, no good. I would really like to avoid re-installing WIndows on this customers machine as they have 200+Gb of Video files that I would need to move off before formatting. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
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