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Different between Home Laptop and commercial/business laptop

Dear All,

I need to ask about the laptop, now; there is a laptop for home use and laptop for commercial/business. I need to ask, does there is a different in the structure of motherboard and CPU?  

What are the major different between both models?

Does there a comparison from HP or Dell for this?

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there is no difference imho; the laptop is what you choose...
There is definitely a difference between home/consumer notebook and business notebooks, but depending on what you want/need the difference will not be much. Typically business notebooks tend to have more expandability. In my opinion the hardware tends to be a bit better too, but this is because the consumer notebooks are constantly being changed for an edge in the market while the business notebooks tend to stay the same for longer. Another thing to look at is that business notebooks usually start with a 3 year warranty while consumer notebooks usually start with 1 year.

The best advice I can give to someone who knows a bit about hardware when buying a notebook is to find a few models of notebooks you want and compare the features/price with them specced out the way you want.

I hope this helps. Good luck.
>>   but depending on what you want/need the difference will not be much.    <<   says it all - lol
I may a mistake on that link. I meant to say may not be much - not will.
I agree with Nobus.  Having been in the Laptop repair industry for the last .........15+ years...

No difference...HARDWARE Wise....

The so called home/consumer based compared to the work/commercial/business laptops...the hardware is physically the same.  

The difference is usually software based.  IE: in the past home based lappy's got windows 98, and the business got NT....or Win2k etc...
And you may have paid for a 3 yr warranty opposed to a 1 yr...?  whoop-de-do....same hardware, just that you bought a 3yr instead of 1yr warranty.

And don't mean to jump on your answer Andrew....just stating what I know....Actually the BUSINESS (most of them in TODAY'S day and age) laptops are NOT as upgradeable as the HOME/GAMING laptops today.  The Only REAL Business/Comercial laptops that might be more.....ROBUST if you will, would be something like the Panasonic Toughbook.

But all in all most of the laptops if not all of them are made by about a handful of companies....same boards, same ram, same hard drives, a handful of screens that are from the same manufacturers etc....thats it.
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Thanks All,
I need the final help from you, could you please provide me a link from HP or Dell that proof this.
Proof of what?

that their is no difference in the hardware?
Because dell and hp and any other manufacturer will indeed tell you that their is a difference....even tho the motherboards/hdd's/ram/video (if there's any separate video cards for specific models)/screens etc are all the same.
Why do you need a proof?
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For the managment. I need a laptop and which a classified as a home use
Another important diference is that business laptops usually have Vista Business preinstalled whereas home use laptops usually have Vista Home installed.

I've found a comparison page from Lenovo: comparing their predominantly "home use" Ideapad laptops to their predominantly "business use" Thinkpad laptops.
smiffy13 yup, basically what I said earlier the major differences is realistically SOFTWARE based.   OS' in general.  So yup.  Other than that the hardware makes no difference.
strange accept choice...
Yup...very strange...considering asker asked for more clarification and info etc.