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Upgrading from Watchguard FB1000 to SonicWALL NSA 2400. How can "DROP IN" mode be achieved on SonicWALL?

Hello. I am upgrading the firewall/router for a customer who is currently using a Watchguard FB1000 appliance. We are moving them to a SonicWALL NSA 2400. In attempting to duplicate the configuration I have found that the FB1000 is using "Drop In" mode. They have a range of public IP addresses with the main public IP (xxx.xxx.xxx.94) being aliased on all three ports (WAN, LAN, DMZ) of the FB1000. The DMZ segment has a public server attached with the server using one of their other public IP's statically assigned to it's NIC (xxx.xxx.xxx.95) and a gateway of (xxx.xxx.xxx.94). They have VPN tunnels that terminate at both of these public IP's. How can this scenario (drop in mode with aliased public IP on multiple ports) be accomplished using the NSA 2400 enhanced firmware? Please advise and thanks in advance.
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