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Allow user to run taskpad

Hi All,

We have a policy in place that restricts MMC's from running.

We now have a requirement to let two users run an AD taskpad to manage a few security groups.

Is it possible to allow only this taskpad to be run?

I found these to KB articles

Many thanks
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Toni Uranjek
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Hi detox1978,

No, taskpad is only snap-in for MMC. If you don't allow mmc.exe to run, you won't be able to open taskpad.

If you are using GPO to enable such restriction, you could use Security Filtering to deny propagation of policy to certain users/group. This might not be usefull, if your "prohibit mmc" policy has many other settings configured, because none would apply in this case. You would have to create separate GPO with single setting and then use Security Filtering.


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Where in Group Policy is the MMC restriction made?

As i will have to move that setting to a new policy and filter it for the users that need to be exempt.
I don't know how exactly is mmc disabled in you environment. It could be under Software Restriction Policies which apply to computer accounts, I'm guessing that your policy affects users, then it has to be set under:
User configuration\Administrative templates\System\Don't run specified Windows application