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ie vista 64 can't find network correctly

MB: supermicro h8sma-2-0, opteron 1200, 8G ecc. using onboard dual nic's.  the drivers are the latest package from nvidia ofr MCP55_chipset_v15.16_Vista_64.

Fresh install.   vista home premium 64, sp1  
No software installed but firefox 3.03.  No antivirus or anything.
Disabled defender, turned off the windows firewall.

IE 7 will not run the 'run once' correctly.  UPG to ie8, and the run once goes away, but...

Both have this problem.  They claim 'IE cannot display the web page', and if you 'diagnose connection problems', vista reports everything is fine.  If you go to microsoft.com, you get the page.  The graphics have a box with red x.  If you try to go to adobe to get flash player, you see a webpage that is all text, no graphics.  if you click on the get flash player link you get IE can't display the webpage.  

Something is preventing the machine from accessing the internet connection for these web sites.  

I tried dealmac.com.  It displays correctly for about half the opening page.  Then you get the red x for the remaining graphics.

Firefox is installed.  It browses all these sites just fine.  The internet connection works.  I can ping, I can ping google.com by name, by ip.  It is not DNS.

I don't really care about IE, but anytime some software you install wants to 'register' you get the same behavior, as there is something going on that keeps this all from working.

Anybody have any ideas?
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How fresh is it still? If nearly fresh, reinstall, why hunt this error down? If it returns later on, have an eye on the software you installed since the reinstall. Best would be to reinstall and test IE after each software installed so far on your broken system.
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I did yet another reinstall of Vista Home Premium 64, as I had changed too many things from web suggestions to really know where I was at.

It is a fresh install, clean install, on a re-initialized partition.  The behavior is there from the start.  Then I downloaded windows update including drivers for nvidia networking, and nothing changes, it still won't access the web correctly at Microsoft or Adobe. I have not added any software at all this time.  Both the windows firewall and defender were then turned off.  Nothing changed.  It DID do the update just fine.

adobe.com  gives a total text page  (I'm trying to get flash player)  If you click on the 'text' link to get flash player, you get IE cannot display the webpage, etc.

www.microsoft.com (which changes to www.micorosoft.com/en/us/default.aspx) gives total text.  If you click on any link on this page, you get IE cannot display the webpage, suggesing you diagnose your connection problems, about which it then says there are no problems.

deal-mac.com loads and has graphic files for the first 15 or so objects, then graphic squares with red x

all of these are now back in IE7, which still fails to correctly run  'http://runonce.msn.com/runonce3.aspx You can't make that go away, you can't get it to run at all, let alone complete.

I've been trying several of the 'hints'

IPv6 is off in the local area connection propteries box

I can successfully tracert to 'trace complete'  
IE can resolve the names in the links above

I AM connected to the internet, and it works.
Even the Vista network sharing center has no red x on the links.  If you diagnose and repair network connections, it says it is working correctly...

I can type \\\c$ into the run box and (since both have the same login info) get the directory of the other computer (vista ultimate) just fine.  Copy files back and forth just fine.

The real issue is somehow other pieces of software use whatever 'path' is broken to keep themselves happy.  Check in with the mothership.  Authenticate (In a previous install of Vista, I was trying to install Sony Vegas, which installed, but would not go out on the web saying there was no network connection.  So somehow, whatever these programs think is there doesn't work, yet the internet is there and does work.

I'm baffled.
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PS.  I forgot to mention that all the above is with the 32 bit version of IE.
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Very strange. A reproducable error - on a clean installation is rare but with IE? Nearly impossible. This cannot have anything to do with your hardware, so even if you had problems with drivers, IE should work. There is only 2 things I could imagine being the cause:
Try this: http://groups.google.com/group/blogger-help/web/how-to-check-the-mtu-setting-on-your-computer?pli=1 and make sure you restart the computer after changing settings.
If this does not help, it can only be a defective DVD or dvd drive or bad memory so that the clean installation isn't that clean.
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no objections
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Could you clear up which box you have unchecked? cannot find something like auto detect proxy in my IE7.
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open IE
choose tools
choose internet options
choose connections
choose LAN settings
uncheck "Automatically detect settings"

That is the box I unchecked.
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I've followed these and many other steps and I've still been unable to resolve this issue.  Additional advice would be appreciated.
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