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CDO.Message.1 error '80040222'

Hello again experts,
I have a new issue that i just can't resolve.

We moved an existing website to a new server. The "send mail" option was and continues to work on the old server but on the new server I get the above error. Obviously the code works properly so I assume I am missing a setting or confirguration on the new server. The new server is configured the same as the old server:
Windows 2000

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

CDO.Message.1 error '80040222'
The pickup directory path is required and was not specified.
F:\REG_GUIDE\ADMIN\../_messages.asp, line 132

I've attached the file in case anyone wants to check the code.
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In Your code, try changing:

Const cdoSendUsingPickup = 1


Const cdoSendUsingPickup = 2

and see if it makes a difference.

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Hi Carl,

Thanks for the quick response. I made the change and the error changed to:

 error '8004020f'
F:\REG_GUIDE\ADMIN\../_messages.asp, line 132

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I found this page before, carrzkiss. Thanks. Everything it suggested I did except for the SMTP service reinstall. I guess I'll try that next.
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As it turns out. Exchange was previously installed on this server. As such, CDOEX.dll needed to be unregistered and then the SMTP service on IIS had to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

Once that was done everything worked fine. Thanks for the help and suggestions guys.
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Thanks carrzkiss. I probably would not have revisited this page without your suggestion.
So, at the bottom of the information that I sent through the link:
[Quote]    If all else fails, try re-installing the SMTP service.   [/Quote]

Solved the issue correct?
If so, then why the Grade: B  ?
Should it be a Grade: A
Since it solved your issue?

Just wondering...
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Sorry carrskiss. As you can see I'm new to this and trying to feel my way around. As I've looked at other solutions that were graded, I noticed a lot more information (specific instructions, explanations, etc.) was given when graded an A and when just references were given (links, etc.) and no explanation a B or C was given.

I really do appreciate your assistance though.
No problem on learning the system.

Grading Tips (By Me) (Check me our, I have ask a LOT of questions, how else are we suppose to learn right? Right)

If someone comes in and is able to provide you wish information about your paticular issue
And there information fixes your issue.

Then you need to Grade: A

It does not matter rather or not the information was a link. OR a story of information.
Sometimes the most aggrivating of issues can be fixed with a single line of code.
(or) Another url link to someone else's information.
These get graded as : [A]

Like this issue here.
A single line of information through a link that was supplied fix your issue.
.... Sometimes the best things come in smaller packages...

Grade B
This would be if the information that was supplied fix the issue, but you also had to gather information
From another source to add to that information in order to make it work.

Example: If I sent you another link, that gave some information about your issue,
BUT not a resolution, BUT you was able to gather some knowledge and was able to solve the issue on your own.
The Experts pointed you to a link, But did not help you resolve the issue.
So, you would Grade: B  (And Add Author Comment to what you had to do to fix the issue)

Grade: C
This is given when
Example #1: you get information from someone that does not fix your issue at all. And you just want to close out the question and be nice, so you award points (Which is BAD)

Example #2: Someone provides information for you, and it does not solve the issue completely, and you have to go out and get other assistane from another perons/location in order to resolve the issue.
Due to the fact that the Expert NEVER come back in to post a reply to assist/help in resolving his code/information to fix your issue.

In the case here.
The simple link that I supplied to you, got you where you needed to resolve your issue.
So: (Go Here)
Body of Message
(Add the link to this message)
Please change the grade to [A] as I am new at EE and how to Grade.

Subject: Change Grade from [B] to [A]
Have a good one.
And hope that you enjoy yourself here at EE, and get all the help you need and also
When you get the time, maybe help out others as well.

(Should have proof-red before posting, dag on the words I used....
Check me our
Check me out
provide you wish
provide you with

And no telling how many other :)....
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Fair enough. Thanks for even more great info.

How can I change the grade?
Go here and fill out the information that I have provided below.
Body of Message'80040222'.html
Please change the grade to [A] as I am new at EE and how to Grade.

Subject: Change Grade from [B] to [A]