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Public Folder Instance Replica Stuck on SBS 2003 Server to be decommissioned

I am trying to decommission a SBS 2003 but I'm having trouble while following the Microsoft KB on removing the last Exchange Server from an organization.  It seems that there is one public folder instance stuck, and ESM won't let me delete the public folder store because of this.

This folder, the shared contacts, shows up as 1,578 KB in the old public folder instances.
This folder shows up as local modified in old server replication status, with no last sent date.
This folder shows up as 982 KB in the new server's (SBS 2008) public folder instances.
This folder shows up as both modified in new server replication status, with last sent date of two days ago.
Both servers list 2 as number of replicas.
This folder is not even listed under Public Folders on the old server.

I have tried moving all replicas and resending changes... several times.  The server was migrated over 24 hours ago, so it should be completed regardless.

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