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Case Fan and compatibility

I'm thinking of buying the following fan for my case:

I have some questions:
1) Is it compatible with my new system as listed below?
2) It has something which I am not familiar with called 'PWM fan Control'.  Is this fan control controled by the motherboard?  If so how?  Do I need extra equipment/leads?  How does it connect to the motherboard?

My System (hopefully)
Case: Thermaltake Tsunami Dream
DVD Drive
Power Supply: Thermaltake 680W PSU
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
Keyboard and Mouse:
Graphics Card:

Thank you for your help
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The PWM part is just the fan speed control they use. It's to make the fan only spin as fast as needed to reduce noise.

From this review, it should plug into your motherboard.
Check the image near the bottom of the page under installation:

As for fitting your system, I'm thinking the only real concern is making sure you have clearance, since it's a bit taller than stock (142mm, or 5.6 inches). Just grab a ruler and make sure you have that much clearance between your CPU and the side of the case and you should be good.
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>>  2) It has something which I am not familiar with called 'PWM fan Control'.  Is this fan control controled by the motherboard?   If so how?   <<   NO, there is a manual control system, that you can stick on the back of your PC
>>  Do I need extra equipment/leads?   <<   NO, everything is included (if bought from Zalman)
>>   How does it connect to the motherboard?   <<   see above

since you don't mention the case, make sure you have enough space to mount it ...
btw - it is one of the very best cpu coolers on the market !
if you need a CASE fan, you should buy something like
verify the dimension you need !
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Sorry, I should have called it the correct name.  I need the CPU setup not the case fan.

Thank you for your help.

I have a Thermaltake Tsunami Dream computer case which gives me approx 150mm of distance between the cpu and the door.  It may be a tight fit!  This is with the current motherboard CPU in situ.  I suppose that I will have to wait until I get the new motherboard before I find out if it fits or not.

If anyone knows if it fits then please tell me.

Thank you
If you only have 150mm and the Cooler/Fan is 142mm it will be a tight fit. So you might choose a smaller fan to make sure you have enough room...
If the old CPU is similar to the new one, as in they're both socket type LGA775, the clearance should be the same with the new motherboard & CPU. So it would fit, but as BrianMines said, it would be a tight fit (8mm left over). That does look like a nice heatsink and fan though.
Also, use the original manufacturers' sites for proper/complete component descriptions.
e.g. for your CPU Cooler/Fan go to:
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I am currently using a Athlon Processor so do you think that the clearences on my new board (as mentioned in first post) will be different?

Thank you
It could be slightly different, maybe a couple of mm. If it gives you a mm or two more clearance you'll probably be OK with that CPU cooler, but a couple of mm less clearance and you may be pushing it.

Since that CPU you linked to is retail boxed, it will come with a CPU cooler, so you can safely order everything but the CPU cooler in question and put it together and measure. Then run it with the heatsink that Intel included while you decide which cooler to buy.
normally it will fit in all cases -  just in the slim line cases it won't