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ordinal 46 not found in CSCDLL.dll

the ordinal 46 could not be located in the dynamic link library CSCDLL.dll

This message displays after I execute Zone Alarm, adaware, and spybot search and destroy

any suggestions will be helpfull
Windows Vista Home Premium OS
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Please shed some more light on your question.
I gather you get an error and you want it not to appear.  The simple/quick answer is do not execute those applications.
Alternatively, you could try running two at the same time to see whether the interaction between adaware and spybot are the issue or between zone alarm and adaware or zone alarm and spybot.
After updating both spybot and adaware or simply downloading their most recent updates, boot the system into safe mode and run adaware and spybot.
note what you are fixing with spybot.
If the system comes up clean.  Boot windows normally and see whether the issue still exists.

If it is found in this folder

C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache \ cscdll.dll

then it is probably the correct file and not a virus file.  File size should be about 90 Kb.

However I would consider restoring it in case it has been corrupted or virus infected.  The message seems to indicate to me that the file is corrupt in some manner as the applications concerned cannot get the DLL to function as it should.
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Hello again
This is Vista Home Premium - does that make a difference? Also it is not in the folder under dllcache, it sits under the user/system folder. - How would you restore this file? can I copy it from another windows machine? These questions are for dbrunton.
For arnold - thanks but to not execute the apps is probably not the answer. The Zone Alarm will need to work - I find it interesting that it occurs with the other spyware/adware programs also. I will need to try the safe mode things when I get back this morning. They came up clean in both adaware and spybot in normal mode before so they are not finding anything to fix. This is a 2 month onld Dell studio XPS notebook. I will also asap get a copy of the file and send it  later this morning. Thanks to both of you for your time- I appreciate it very much
Hmmm.  See here

It gives a different location.  What size is your cscdll.dll?

Compare it to the size in the link above.  In Windows Explorer right click on that file and left click on the Properties Tab.  Report back the Product Version and Company Name.

Use the Search function and see if there is only one cscdll.dll or more?
I will be back to take a look at that within a few hours and will check this out - thanks
Hello again

the dll CSCDLL.dll is in two places - I had not noticed it out on the desktop but it is sitting under c:\users\steve\desktop and the origination place it looks like is c:\windows\system32 and the version of both files is 6.0.6001.18000. It looks like they get created/modified/saved frequently - it shows within the past week. The files size is 21.5k smaller than you had told me your example was in XP. I find it interesting that it is sitting on the desktop. Probably some program put it there. The person whos PC this is told me he started using teh Dell backup to internet application and it seems like that is around the time it started. As I asked him more questions it sounds like because it is so new he has been setting up several new apps quite regular - so I am not sure how accurate tthe backup app timing is. Anyway did you find where/how this file can get reinstalled/copied?


If you need a copy of the DLL I can sure get it
If your file size is about 21.5 Kb then the file looks legitimate but seems to be a more modern version of this file here.

There don't seem to be any viruses associated with cscdll.dll

The error message is a common one for file corruption of a dll and the recommended procedure is to replace.

Try running the System File Checker

and see what that does.
I will do it and get back to you

Hello again
I ran the file checker and it was not able to fix some of the files and it copied the log to a CBS.log file I will attach that. Also I did go to a cmd prompt in vist and went to root and dir  cscdll.dll  /s and it found 7 total files (cscdll.dll) 2 that I tried copying - Under I386 folder the file is 90k in size.
I copied this 90k file over to the Windows/system32 folder - the ordial error came up but the first time it took 10-12 seconds before if failed.

Any other thought?
The cbs file is 23 MB and too large to attach. If you need it I will need to have another avenue to get it to you. Let me know

Are you running SFC as an Administrator?

And the errors coming from all the applications about the cscdll.dll, which one are they moaning about?  You've got 7 versions.  Which one is the problem one.
I am running it as an administrator. I searched the 23 MB cbs.log file for any csc or cscdll.dll entry and there was no entries, which leads me to believe if fixed many things - just not this. I am running adaware now and have not seen error. Comes right up when you go into zone alarm. Any other thoughts. I am almost thinking reload OS at this point but let me knowyou thoughts

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Thanks for all your help - I learned a bunch

This was a interesting one that would have been nice to repair, but reloading did fix the problems and everything works fine now. Thanks for all your help