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VM Ware Server 2.0 Running in Vista Ultimate- IE Protected Mode- Trusted Site

Trying to run Vista Home Premium in a VM on a Vista Ultimate host on my laptop.  Intel Centrino 2.2 with 4GB RAM.  VM Ware Server 2.0 and I have to run IE with protected mode off in order to open the VM Console.  I added the site (https://jd-pc:8333/ui/#{e:"VirtualMachine|16",w:{t:true,i:1}}) as a Trusted Site and it still tells me I need to add it.  It only adds https:jd-pc and drops the rest of th URL after i copy and paste it into Trusted Sites.

Don't really want to run with Protected Mode off.  Tried it in Firefox and it tells me certificate is unsigned and won't work even after I add it to Exceptions in Security under Internet Tools.

Is there a better way to run a local VM?  The Console is really slow and I would love to be able to start the VM easily- it is local to my box and doesn't go over a network
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Officially VMware Server 2.0 is not supported on Windows Desktop Operating Systems.
You need Windows Server 2000, 2003 or 2008 in order to successfully install VMware Server 2.0

Check this out -
Page 25 of this PDF explains the Windows Host Operating System Requirements.

FYI, I tried to install VMware Server 2.0 in Windows XP.
Even though the installation was successful, I had several issues with respect to VM Creation and Networking.

When I moved my VMware Server to Windows 2000 Server SP 4 it worked fine
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