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Raise the Max Volume higher in xp?

For every computer I use, I find the maximum volume isn't loud enough for my headphones.  How can I make it louder than it normally would be at max?

Note that the master volume is all the way up,
the wav volume is all the way up,
I've plugged the headphones both directly into the back of the computer, as well as through a headphone jack on speakers,
I've tried a number of different headphones (they're all too quiet)
And I've tried changing the sound-setup to different things like "stereo speakers" or "surround sound".
Also, this is on a desktop running xp media center edition, this computer is a 6 month old 1000$ comp from Ibuypower.

I'm hoping for something like a registry edit, or a program which can boost my volume.

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How about some hearing aid :)

I think it's really strange that top volume is not loud enough, sounds like something is going wrong to me.
I don't think there is any software or registry patch to boost up the volume.
There is a freeware app called VLC which is able to generate a higher volume than the normal volume you get on XP.
upul007, I assume you mean the app does audio compression, that is not the same as generating a higher volume.
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VLC's volume slider doesn't seem to affect the volume of anything else, not media player, games, or other things.

Using onboard sound
You're best shot is with dendob, add an amplifier after your soundcard.
Are you sure that your onboard sound driver is the correct one?
Sound driver is the one that came with the computer on the CD.
Thanks, I guess there isn't any software to do what I want to do, so I went with your idea about the external amplifier.