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Outlook 2007 not accepting IMAP password after fixing corrupted user profile (tried all solutions at EE)

I installed Office 2007 in late Nov. It worked great (had used Outlook 2003). I use Outlook 2007 with Franklin Covey PlanPlus. University of Michigan's McAfee virus protector stopped some sort of virus when I followed a link to a video on a website (Relevant Knowledge and Keenfinder flashed on the screen, but others may have as well). McAfee did something and then the computer restarted. Upon restarting, my user profile was corrupt. Microsoft's instructions for fixing this problem appear to have worked, but Outlook 2007 is not accepting my IMAP password, even though my webmail and UM's ITCS office confirms my settings and password are fine. Same problem happens if I opt for POP3. I successfully migrated my Outlook settings from my old user profile. The problem happens whether or not I do that. I tried all solutions here:

as well as any offered at EE for similar problems, and I bought and used Advanced System Optimizer. Spyware Detective detected some spyware McAfee had not caught. UM's ITCS recommended I re-install Office 2007. In a diagnostic before doing so, indeed it said there was a set up problem w/ Office 2007.

This has not fixed the problem.  I am at my wit's end. Outlook is my life--syncs w/ my HTC pro for all my appointments, etc.

incoming server: (SSL port 993)
outgoing: (SSL port 465) (tried TLS port 587, does not work)

I am desperate, pleae help!
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