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Getting LinkMasterFields property setting error

I have an error that is created when I try to edit a sub form. There complete error is:  The LinkMasterField property setting has producted this error. 'The object doesn't contain the Automation object 'J'."  

What does this mean and where do I look to fix it? It will not allow me to enter any data in the subform.  It just beeps and gives me the error.

This problem is connected to the Inspections database that I have been working with and is connected to the coding that I have been using.  The Main code brings in the main form and is attached in the first attached code (which I have attached my last post).  

The subform is an area where the supervisor assigns weekly tasks to the sales staff, and then checks off the work when it is completed. At the completion of all the work, the inspection job is closed for the term (my previous post that is also open and currently being worked on).  

Here's the query for the subform:  SELECT WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.JobID, WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.MeetingDate, Jobs.JobNo, WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.Comments, WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.ActionRequired, WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.AssignedTo, WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.DateTaskCompleted, WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.ActionTaken, WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.TaskCompleted

FROM Jobs INNER JOIN WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl ON Jobs.JobID = WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.JobID

WHERE (((Jobs.JobNo) Not In ("INSPECTIONS")) AND ((WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.TaskCompleted)=0))

ORDER BY WeeklySalesMeeting_tbl.MeetingDate DESC , Jobs.JobNo;

Thanks for your help.

I hope this makes sense.
FROM Jobs AS J INNER JOIN Inspections_data_tbl AS I ON J.JobID = I.JobID
WHERE (((IIf(Month(Now())=1,[Jan],IIf(Month(Now())=2,[Feb],IIf(Month(Now())=3,[Mar],IIf(Month(Now())=4,[April],IIf(Month(Now())=5,[May],IIf(Month(Now())=6,[Jun],IIf(Month(Now())=7,[Jul],IIf(Month(Now())=8,[Aug],IIf(Month(Now())=9,[Sep],IIf(Month(Now())=10,[Oct],IIf(Month(Now())=11,[Nov],IIf(Month(Now())=12,[Dec],False)))))))))))))=True) AND ((J.InspectionCompleted)=0) AND ((J.JobStatusID)In (1,3,4,5,7,8))) ORDER BY J.JobNo;

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )

What are your Master and Child link fields for the subform?

Your Code Snippet shows you aliasing a Table as "J", but the query you show in your question does not ... what's the relevance of these two queries?

They are linked by the JobID because they both relate to the same job number.
Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )

So if you actually view the Master and Child links for the Subform control, both are set to


And NOTHING else?

And again: what's the relevance of these two queries?
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James Murphy

Subform Field Linker is
Master Field        Child Field
J.JobID                JobID

The Master Form has the job information. The subform has the tasks assigned for each job. As the task are completed they are closed. Once everything is completed, the job is closed for the current inspection cycle.  Did I answer your question.

Should I link a second field. Would that eliminate the error?
Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )

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I wasn't able to change it back to just JobID, but I was able to use a second field (JobNO). Thanks for helping me by being a second pair of eyes. Sometimes when I look at my code so long, I get tunnel vision!  :)

Thanks for your quick response.  It helps to have someone else talk through a situation because it causes me to think through the logic and sometimes I will see something I didn't see before.  :)
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