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Duplicate emails in Word mail-shot

Hi - we are having problems with mail shots. We extract a flat file with Salutation and Email address from a database (with no duplicates). We then create a mail merge in Word 2003 (again checking that there are no duplicates by scrolling through), which uses Outlook Express (default email client) running IMAP on Sendmail through RedHat 5. This goes to the outside world through a Sophos anti-virus/spam box.

We are getting complaints from users who are getting the same email, 2, 3 sometimes 5 times! When we look at the sent items in Outlook Express, we see these duplicate emails. We are sending probably up to about 2000 at a time. We have checked the OutlookExpress address book and there is no duplication - sometimes the address isn't in the address book but the recipient stil gets it 4 times....!
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1) make sure that you have all the Office updates ( via MS update - NOT windows update ! )

2) Consider using a command line mailer, or a different mail program ( Thunderbird etc )

IF an address is not found, is it possible that this is causing dupes, by sending multiples to the previous working address ?

I hope this helps !
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