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Xerox 19" LCD monitor only displays for a few seconds

Xerox product number XA7-19i model 900P only works for a couple of seconds and then the screen goes blank. XP OS. my other monitors work OK
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Have you tried using one of your other working monitors on the same machine?  To see if the problem is actually the monitor or the video card.  You might try the non-functioning monitor on a different machine too.  

Do you get anything on the screen at all for those couple seconds or is it just powering down afterwards?  For example does it think it needs digital connection but is actualy hooked up analog?  If so it will test digital connection see nothing there and then usually search the other connections but maybe it's just powering down instead.  Those Xerox monitors I've heard are actually made by Dell, at least that's what our Xerox techs told us.
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Yes I have tried the Xerox on another machine - Vista - and it does not work. I have tried my other Samsung monitor and that does work. I think that it might be trying for digital and on the Xerox site support they talk about installing an init file if not recognised by pnp
Do you have a machine that has digital to test the Xerox monitor on?  I'm guessing you tried it on the Vista machine as analog.  What kind of DFE are you using this monitor on?  Docusp, Creo or Fiery?   Did it used to work and now it's stopped, or are you doing a new install?

I just went and looked ay my Xerox 19" monitor and it came with the DVI cable but the back of my Docusp is only analog.

I wonder if the Xerox monitors are covered by your Xerox service agreement?  You'd think they would be, becuase if you can't access the DFE, then you can't send stuff to the print engine and then you're not generating clicks for them to get paid!
You are a bit advanced for me! the Xerox has an adaptor on the end of the data cable to enable it fitting on my PC vga output It did work but just stopped and now I get about 30 seconds of display. What is Docusp, Creo or Fiery?
It is out of warranty............
Oh, sorry.  I assumed it was hooked up to a Xerox machine.  Docusp, Creo, and Firey are what Xerox calls Digital Front Ends, or DFE's, they control their big production digital presses, that's what we have here at my work and why we have Xerox monitors.  

Hmm..  My Xerox monitors use standard VGA, they don't need an adapter.  I wonder if that adapter has gone bad then?  Maybe overheating?  The 30 seconds of display you do get, is it quality? or is it garbled?  Does it come back after a while or just you boot, you get 30 seconds, and then you're done?  Does the monitor give any notification on it like it's searching for DVI, then searching for Analog, or incorrect resolution settings maybe?
Have you tried the supposed Xerox pnp driver?
Thanks - adaptor does not have time to get hot. On boot up the XP log-in screen appears as normal then disappears after a few seconds.
I tried to load the Xerox driver on both of my PC's and after unzipping went to C:.Xerox then struggled!!
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I still cannot get the monitor working. I have purchased and tried a new adaptor but still no luck. I have to assume that the monitor is internally electronically fault therefore i will have to scap it as BER.
the support on this questiion has been superb therefore I have added more points. Many thanks.
thanks for your support but I think that the monitor is faulty.