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drawing a partially transparent brush or region

Currently I am drawing a solid triangle with the following code onto a bitmap.  I need a way to make the triangle partially transparent.  Not sure weather I can do some sort of an alphablend, or use a differnet brush or apply something to the region or rectangle.  Following is my code:
void CIMD_Radar_Map_Dlg::DrawCameraArea()
	CRgn   rgnA;
	CPoint ptVertex[5];
	ptVertex[0].x = m_cam_triangle_X1;
	ptVertex[0].y = m_cam_triangle_Y1;
	ptVertex[1].x = m_cam_triangle_X2;
	ptVertex[1].y = m_cam_triangle_Y2;
	ptVertex[2].x = m_cam_triangle_X3;
	ptVertex[2].y = m_cam_triangle_Y3;
	VERIFY(rgnA.CreatePolygonRgn( ptVertex, 3, ALTERNATE));
	CRect rectRgnBox;
	int nRgnBoxResult = rgnA.GetRgnBox( &rectRgnBox );
	ASSERT( nRgnBoxResult != ERROR || nRgnBoxResult != NULLREGION );
	CBrush brA;
	VERIFY(brA.CreateSolidBrush( RGB(115, 125, 50) ));  // rgnA Red
	VERIFY(m_tempDC.FrameRgn( &rgnA, &brA, 100, 100 ));

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Take a look at ("
CDialogSK - A Skinnable Dialog Class"): "make any one color transparent so that you can see through regions of the dialog"
U, I am not quite sure why you want to delete a question just because you didn't wnat to get back at it in time.
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