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ASP:RadioButtonList is losing it's value on postback when I add an onclick javascript attribute

Hello, I'm hoping this is easy.

I have an ASP:RadioButtonList placed on Panel1 on my page:

<asp:RadioButtonList ID="radReferencePreviousOrder" runat="server" RepeatDirection="Horizontal">
             <asp:ListItem Selected="True">No</asp:ListItem>

And a "Next" button:

<asp:Button ID="btnNext" runat="server" Text="Next">

When I click on "Next", it updates the "CurrentStep", and a different Panel1 is hidden, and Panel2 is displayed on my page.  When I click "Previous", the CurrentStep is decremented, and Panel2 is hidden, and Panel1 is displayed.  The radiobuttonlist selected maintained correctly because of viewstate.

My problem:  
When I try to add an "onClick" attribute to the radiobuttonlist.

Dim previousSAPOrderRBL As RadioButtonList
        previousSAPOrderRBL = CType(OrderHeaderFormView.FindControl("radReferencePreviousOrder"), RadioButtonList)
        previousSAPOrderRBL.Attributes.Add("onClick", String.Format("return showDivIfYes(""{0}"", ""divPreviousSAPOrder"", ""{1}"");", previousSAPOrderRBL.ClientID, hiddenField.ClientID))

The client-side script works great, but after I click "Next", and then "Previous" again, the value of my selected RadioButton is always reset to "No".  If I comment out the Attributes.Add line, then the onClick function does not get called, but the viewState works like a champ.

I tried removing the "Selected="True"", but then, after postback, the radiobuttonlist is just cleared altogether.

Here is my client side script.  What am I doing wrong?  Any help is appreciated!!


function showDivIfYes(rblID, divID, hiddenFieldID)
    //By appending _0 to the radioButtonList Name, you are actually
    //getting the name of the GROUP that the buttons belong to.
    rblID += "_0";
    var rbl = document.getElementsByName(rblID);
    var div = document.getElementById(divID);
    var hidField = document.getElementById(hiddenFieldID);
    if (rbl[0].value = "Yes" && rbl[0].checked)
        { = 'block';
         hidField.value += divID + ":block" + ",";
        { = 'none';
         hidField.value += divID + ":none" + ",";
return true;

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Have you tried using onchange instead of onclick?
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onchange does not work for me.. I need it to be client-side.    

I tend to be wordy with my explanations, here it is short.....

When I use the attributes.add method to add an onClick event to an asp:radiobuttonlist, the radiobuttonlist selected value does not persist across postbacks.  It always reverts back to its default.  Without the onClick event, the radiobuttonlist works as expected.
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That's what I was missing.... Wow, something so small, yet it caused me such a big problem.

Thank you for helping me!