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Creating my own object using System.Activator.CreateInstance

I am trying create an instance of an object using late binding.
Here is what i did.
make Interface dll
make dll wich implements the interface dll
make standard app wich creates an instance of the dll using late binding.

But it didn't work, i am getting the errormessage
Can't load assembly TestSubService
Dim newTestSubService As Selfmade_Interfaces._ISubService
newTestSubService = System.Activator.CreateInstance("TestSubService", "SubService")

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One step further, it now says that it can't convert from
System.Runtime.Remoting.ObjectHandle to Selfmade_Interfaces._ISubService

I am using CType for the converting bit
Ok, now it sounds like you are using .NET remoting, so can you tell me what the class looks like, as far as interface implementation, and inheritance?
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I had to use ObjectHandle.UnWrap now i have an object that i can access.

In short
Dim newObjectHandle as objecthandle
newTestSubService As Selfmade_Interfaces._ISubService

newObjectHandle = System.Activator.CreateInstance("TestSubService", "SubService")
newTestSubService = newObjectHandle.UnWrap

This works
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newObjectHandle = System.Activator.CreateInstance("TestSubService", "SubService")

should have been

newObjectHandle = System.Activator.CreateInstance("TestSubService", "TestSubService.SubService")