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Asus P5BV-E Raid Problems

I have some questions for the Asus P5BV-E Motherboard.

After moving my System to another Server(body) my Raid0  is lost, I can see the HD´s and they are ready, but my system can not see the Partitions, what happen if I initialize them and turn them to online? will I loose the data?

On my System Partitions (Raid1) I have some problems , one Drive has errors.. Can I access the second drive (without errors) in a different Hardware? Can I access the data?

Do somebody has knowledge about hyper-v and the asus P5BV-E? Is hyper-v working?

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Hi, I am using the onboard raid controllen, no clue if this is a software or hardware raid....
>>  I am using the onboard raid controllen   <<   then it is hardware raid - read my comment
yes this is my problem and what to do if I do not have the same hardware how can I restore the content? Can I go with Ontrack DataRecovery?
i doubt it; that is the problem with hardware raid, if things go wrong.
but you don't loose anything by trying, so go ahead
no way for recover the RAID 0, I try all tools from the net... data sure you are using a FullBackup, If you have this board in use!
i think i provided you the answer  :for hardware raid, you will need the same hardware...