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How do I run Microsoft FTP from vbs

We are working with a vendor whom requires that we use Microsoft FTP to send them files. What I need to do it take the process below and turn it into something I can do with a vbs script. I've tried a few things but thus far I've not been successful.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Here is the process (with server responses) from the command window we are trying to do from a vbs script:

C:>CD C:\Test <enter>
C:\Test>ftp -i <enter>
ftp>open 0101 <enter>
123 A23Bttyr3 F_FTP...server ready
User (ftp. (none)): MYUSERNAME <enter>
User name okay, password required
Password: MYPASSWORD <enter>
009 User logged in
ftp>binary <enter>
200 Type Set to I
ftp>put Test.txt CUS_LOAD!FTP <enter>
some server response that sends a suceess
message  that I don't have in front of me at the moment
ftp>bye <enter>
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