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How can I add sound to Image Rollover

Hi -
I'm really stumped here. I'm simply trying to use javascript to add sounds to my rollovers.
The code is below. I'm not sure what's wrong... please help.
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
function newImage(arg) {
	if (document.images) {
		rslt = new Image();
		rslt.src = arg;
		return rslt;
function changeImages() {
	if (document.images && (preloadFlag == true)) {
		for (var i=0; i<changeImages.arguments.length; i+=2) {
			document[changeImages.arguments[i]].src = changeImages.arguments[i+1];
var preloadFlag = false;
function preloadImages() {
	if (document.images) {
		splash_logo_pg2_01_splash_logo_pg2_02_over = newImage("images/splash_logo_pg2_01-splash_l.gif");
		splash_logo_pg2_02_over = newImage("images/splash_logo_pg2_02-over.gif");
		splash_logo_pg2_03_over = newImage("images/splash_logo_pg2_03-over.gif");
		splash_logo_pg2_04_over = newImage("images/splash_logo_pg2_04-over.gif");
		splash_logo_pg2_05_over = newImage("images/splash_logo_pg2_05-over.gif");
		splash_logo_pg2_06_over = newImage("images/splash_logo_pg2_06-over.gif");
		preloadFlag = true;
// -->
<title>The Mouth</title>
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
// Preload and play audio files with event handler (MouseOver sound)
// designed by JavaScript Archive, (c)1999
// Get more free javascripts at
var aySound = new Array();
// Below: source for sound files to be preloaded
aySound[0] = "";
aySound[1] = "";
aySound[2] = "";
aySound[3] = "";
aySound[4] = "";
// DO NOT edit below this line
document.write('<BGSOUND ID="auIEContainer">')
IE = (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE")!=-1 && document.all)? 1:0;
NS = (navigator.appName=="Netscape" && navigator.plugins["LiveAudio"])? 1:0;
ver4 = IE||NS? 1:0;
function auPreload() {
if (!ver4) return;
if (NS) auEmb = new Layer(0,window);
else {
Str = "<DIV ID='auEmb' STYLE='position:absolute;'></DIV>";
var Str = '';
for (i=0;i<aySound.length;i++)
Str += "<EMBED SRC='"+aySound[i]+"' AUTOSTART='FALSE' HIDDEN='TRUE'>"
if (IE) auEmb.innerHTML = Str;
else {;
auCon = IE? document.all.auIEContainer:auEmb;
auCon.control = auCtrl;
function auCtrl(whSound,play) {
if (IE) this.src = play? aySound[whSound]:'';
else eval("this.document.embeds[whSound]." + (play? "play()":"stop()"))
function playSound(whSound) { if (window.auCon) auCon.control(whSound,true); }
function stopSound(whSound) { if (window.auCon) auCon.control(whSound,false); }
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico">
.phone {font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica; font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; color: #FFFFFF;}
.bar {font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica; font-size: 10px; color: #333333;}
.links {text-decoration:none; font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica; font-size: 10px; color: #115bf8;}
.links:hover {text-decoration:none; font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica; font-size: 10px; color: #FFFFFF;}
<body bgcolor="#000000" ONLOAD="preloadImages();">
<table width="100%" height="100%" valign="middle"> 
<td align="center">	
			<A HREF="home.php">
				<IMG NAME="splash_logo_pg2_01" SRC="images/splash_logo_pg2_01.gif" WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=142 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
			<A HREF="page.php?page_id=3152"
				OnMouseOver="playSound(0); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01-splash_l.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_02', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_02-over.gif'); return true;"
				OnMouseOut="stopSound(0); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_02', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_02.gif'); return true;">
				<IMG NAME="splash_logo_pg2_02" SRC="images/splash_logo_pg2_02.gif" WIDTH=74 HEIGHT=22 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
			<A HREF="page.php?page_id=3203"
				ONMOUSEOVER="playSound(1); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01-splash_l.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_03', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_03-over.gif'); return true;"
				ONMOUSEOUT="playSound(1); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_03', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_03.gif'); return true;">
				<IMG NAME="splash_logo_pg2_03" SRC="images/splash_logo_pg2_03.gif" WIDTH=98 HEIGHT=22 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
			<A HREF="page.php?page_id=3151"
				ONMOUSEOVER="playSound(2); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01-splash_l.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_04', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_04-over.gif'); return true;"
				ONMOUSEOUT="playSound(2); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_04', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_04.gif'); return true;">
				<IMG NAME="splash_logo_pg2_04" SRC="images/splash_logo_pg2_04.gif" WIDTH=87 HEIGHT=22 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
			<A HREF="page.php?page_id=3278"
				ONMOUSEOVER="playSound(3); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01-splash_l.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_05', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_05-over.gif'); return true;"
				ONMOUSEOUT="playSound(3); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_05', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_05.gif'); return true;">
				<IMG NAME="splash_logo_pg2_05" SRC="images/splash_logo_pg2_05.gif" WIDTH=79 HEIGHT=22 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
			<A HREF="page.php?page_id=3205"
				ONMOUSEOVER="playSound(4); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01-splash_l.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_06', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_06-over.gif'); return true;"
				ONMOUSEOUT="playSound(4); changeImages('splash_logo_pg2_01', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_01.gif', 'splash_logo_pg2_06', 'images/splash_logo_pg2_06.gif'); return true;">
				<IMG NAME="splash_logo_pg2_06" SRC="images/splash_logo_pg2_06.gif" WIDTH=112 HEIGHT=22 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
			<IMG SRC="images/splash_logo_pg2_07.gif" WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=13 ALT=""></TD>

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hey jmparks, if you are still looking for more help, you may want to add the javascript zone to your question to get the attention of some JS experts who could help figure out why your existing JS isn't working...