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Windows 2003: should users always be logged on by the same DC?

Hi, dumb question, but I have 2x win2K3 DC and I notice that I can go weeks when every user is logged on by DC1, then it changes and all users are logged on by DC2 (drop to dos prompt and type "SET" to find the logon server). Should I be concerned about this change?

Both DC's and users live on the same LAN.
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No clients will always try and authenticate to the same DC unless it becomes unavailable then it goes elsewhere and sticks to that and so on.  The change is perfectly fine
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So it remembers who logged it on last time and will try the same server next time, even after a reboot of the desktop? I thought maybe a desktop reboot would always make it try the first DC due to DHCP\ DNS?

It certainly isn't like the old MS way where the first DC to respond got the privilege of logging the user on is it?
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Its not an issue, any DC can authenticate clients. Clients will use the SRV records in DNS to locate a DC in their own site and then use the priority and weighting to choose which DC to use. If mulltiple DCs have the same priority/weight then the first one in the list will be used, if it happens to be busy and does not respond within the timeout, then another will be used.
Hmm, then maybe I do have a problem, because the only way to get the desktops authenticating against DC1 again is to reboot DC2 (yea, sounds odd doesn't it). Both DC's have the same value, so I would expect DC1 to get the job every time.
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Thanks guys.