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Perl : read a file and output only distinct lines (eliminate all duplicates)

I have a file which has content something like the following:

01 A line of text
02 Another line of text
03 Yet another one
01 A line of text
04 More text
02 Another line of text
01 A line of text

How do I read this file and output, to another file, only the "unique" rows, ie:

01 A line of text
02 Another line of text
03 Yet another one
04 More text

is this easy to do in a Perl script?

As always, any help much apprfeciated!
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I'm sorry, but that was just beautiful.
Based on what ozo said, you want something like this.  Make sure to give ozo the credit.

$in_file = "input.txt";
$out_file = "output.txt";
open(INFILE, $in_file) or die "Cannot open input file";
open(OUTFILE, ">$out_file") or die "Cannot open output file";
while( <INFILE> )
    print OUTFILE unless $seen{$_}++;

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Brilliant - thanks!  I'm always surprised when something I have thought to be tricky (for me) turns out to be so few lines of code :)  

Thanks for the extra bit too funtaff!