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How can I install multiple printers who have the same model (but different IP) on the same Print Server

In a 1-domain environment, we have 3 network printers (all same model Dell Laser MFP 1815dn) in different floors, set up manually with their own ip.  We need to install these printers on the print server with their own seperate share name so then we can add them easily on all computers in the network 100+ Windows XP users using scripts.

There is one problem:  when I am installing the 1st printer with all details it's fine.  When I install the 2nd one with a different ip (remember these are all the same model), the 2nd printer is replacing the 1st printer installed under Printers and Faxes, and so the 1st printer ceases to exist due to the 2nd printer has taken over.  (the print server OS used is Windows XP)

I have tried extracting the installation files and the installation being done in a different folder.  I  have also ticked the "I am setting up this printer on a server" while installing, to no avail.

How can we go about it? We need to install 3 1815dn printers with different ips on the same print server.

We cannot change the printers due to budget cuts and we do not want to install them manually on each pc plus we cannot create the executable file on a group policy or something similar.

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Create all the necessary TCP/IP Printing PORTS.  Each port will have it's own IP, do this before creating additional printers.

With the PRINTERS window open, and only the first printer showing in the list, right click and drag and drop within the same window to make a COPY of the printer.  You should now have Printer1 and "Copy of Printer 1"

Rename the "Copy of Printer1" to say, Printer2.

Open the properties of Printer2, change the PORT to one of the other IP Ports that you've already created.  Change any additional information, like the share name, description/location etc....

Does that work?
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One step omitted. Sorry....After selecting the local printer attached > Next > Create new port > TCP/IP >

then continue from there....

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Thanks for the quick response!! A+ Expert! Print Server is now almost ready, my boss is really happy HAHA :D