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Removing link to SharePoint

I have Access 2007 (part of Office Enterprise) and have created a database in Access. I published this on our SharePoint site using the Moving to SharePoint wizard (unfortunately I do not remember exactly how I did this, so I cannot describe in detail which options I selected). As our SharePoint site crashed (my fault) we had to restore it using a back-up from before the database was published and since then I have the following problem.
The SharePoint site which the Access Database believes it is published at no longer exist (as we restored the SharePoint database to a point before the Access database was published). Still, each time I open the database a message bar saying Publish Changes, Save your changes to the server and with a button for Publish to SharePoint Site appears. If I click on the button I get an error message saying You must enter a valid http:// path to the Document Management Server.
The same error message appears if I go in under Publish/Document Management Server.
We no longer use the SharePoint site and would like to remove the link (and thus the message bar that appears each time I open the database), how do I do this (as I apparently cannot do it under Publish/Document Management Server)?
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