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Exchange 2003 Mailbox Management Not Deleting items from Sub Folders

Hello everyone,

I have an Active Directory domain running windows 2000 in native mode, with Exchange 2003 SP2 on a Server 2003 member server.

I have created and enforced a recipient update policy for all mailboxes that is supposed to remove all email older than 365 days, and selected all the available folders except contacts (I DID check to process "ALL OTHER FOLDERS").

At first we had the problem where the modified date check was allowing the messages to remain on the server. I corrected this by changing the msExchMailboxManagerAgeLimit setting on the policy to 3 using ADSIEdit. That corrected the problem with mail older than 1 year staying on the server, so I thought.

After testing, first by manually initiating the management process on my mailbox, I noticed that although it is removing the messages from my inbox, and one of the subfolders (I only have 3) it is not removing messages from another of my subfolders, or my sent items.

I targeted the policy back to all mailboxes, and let it run on its own during the maintenance interval last night, thinking maybe if I let it do it on its own it would cover the rest of the folders. This was not the case.

I recreated the policy, and again targeted it only at myself. Again, the same problem, my sent items folder and one of the subfolders of my inbox are not being processed.

Is there anything that flags a folder not to be processed? Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this maybe happening? I can not see any reason why this policy would skip those folders...

Thanks in advance...

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Does this article explain anything?
258758      Understanding how and when mailbox manager processes items

Note the following section of the article:
"IMPORTANT : Note that items that are in the subfolders of any folder that is listed in the Folder Age Limits dialog box (for example, subfolders of the Inbox, Sent Items, or Calendar folders) are processed when they reach the age limits that are set for Other Folders . "
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Thank you for the response. I have already seen this document, and followed the steps outlined to set the Mailbox Manager to act as an Exchange 5.5 orginazaiton would act. This partially corrected the problem, as it is now removing messages based only on deliver date, however when testing this on my mailbox it only removed items one year or older in my inbox, and 2 of the 3 subfolders. The other subfolder continues to have messages older than 1 year. It is also not removing items from my sent items folder.

Based on the information in that article I beleive I have the mailbox manager actions correct for the policy, however, it seems the policy is not flagging all the folders for processing....

I have not checked other mailboxes yet. I'll let it run again tonight and check again tomorrow and post results.

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