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Outlook coneection is very slow and unstable from a remote office

Users in one of the remote offices with less than 5 users connected to the main office Exchange 2003 in the online mode via Windows VPN contantly experience problems. Connection is either slow or even breaks. ISP is Verizon ADSL, 3 Mbs. The company has other offices that are connected in a similar way don't report problems.
I am trying to get to the bottom of this as email is vital for that office. Calling Verizon always gives me: "Out connection is fine"
In the end of the day, I need to produce hard evidence (I would prefer graphical view) on the cause of the problem. I don't mind buying a modestly priced traffic-monitoring sofware as ong it can show traffic utilization over time per protocol, host, dropped packets/connections, etc.

Thanks in advance!
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