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wireless connection problem

I have two wireless devices made by D-Link. One is DI-524 Wireless Broadband Router and the other is DWL-G700AP Wireless Access Point. They are in different locations.
My pocket PC (at&t Tilt aka HTC Kaiser) works perfectly with the access point at 54Mbps, but with the router, the Rx rate is always only 1Mbps, and the connection breaks often.
I tried to use different channels, and different settings, but usually the changes make things worse, never better.
(For instance, updating ROM on the router made it reboot every few seconds, so I did a roll back to the factory one.)
The other wireless nodes work with the router relatively well (connection drops time to time, though)

What can I do except throw out the router and buy another one?

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It sounds like the problem is the router.  If your pocketPC works off of the WAP fairly well, but not the router, that would indicate a router problem.

IF you have tried your PocketPC in other wireless environments and not had problems,  AND / OR
IF you have tried other devices off your wireless router and had problems,

THEN its fairly certain it is the router, especially if you have tried to update the firmware and it caused it reset every few seconds.  The simplest thing to try, is to go to Staples or a retail store with a good return policy like Staples, buy a new router, plug it in, see if it fixes the problem.
You could also try buying the exact same model, and plug it in.  In that scenario, if the problem is fixed, you know it was your particular unit that was having some kind of trouble.  If the problem does not fix, then you would be faced with 1:  Is it the model?  or  2:  Is it the PocketPC?    

BottomLine:   If your PocketPC works in other wireless environments, I would try put a different Router in place and see what happens.  Its probably the Router.
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Yes, I guess, it IS the router. My question was what I can try except throwing the router away?
Try a 30-30-30 reset on the router.

That might also fix the rebooting problem with the firmware update (do the 30-30-30 before AND after the firmware update),
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thank you for the advice. I did reset the router many times before when I had the rebooting issue.
Do you think the reset  should be done time to time to improve the performance?

What do you think about this:

If you open a DI-524 you probably will find a wire leads from the circuit board to the antenna's N-connector.
 The guy in the article says if you replace the wire by installing an N-connector where it should be, the signal quality will improve. What do you think?
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> Combined with the original antenna, its length was optimized
That was the problem. The router did not have the original antenna, instead it had an antenna I took from a PC wireless card, like this
(I just did it, because the card's antenna connector was broken and it did not hold the wire)
Also I switched the router to the channel 2
Now the connection rate still drops to 1Mbps when I move to a far end of my house, but when I close to the router, it keeps 54Mbps. (before it was 1mbps in any place).

Thank you very much!