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How to give a user the ability to administer Exchange contacts

Hello Experts,

I was hoping someone could provide information on a tool or even a method to allow me to give a user access to manage the Exchange contacts. Here is my situation.

I manage the Active Directory where I work. There is one particular user who sends me requests to add/delete/modify mail-enabled contacts within AD. She may also ask for me to create or delete distribution lists once in a while but this is very infrequent. The bulk of her requests are related to contacts.

The problem is that these requests are frequent and usually of such importance that I need to drop what I'm doing and take care of her requests. The other problem is that she frequently makes mistakes (spelling a name wrong, email address wrong, etc) and the result is that I am asked to again drop what I am doing and go into AD and correct such mistakes.

It's enough of a problem that I am now searching for a way to give her the ability to add, delete, and modify current Exchange contacts. She doesn't need to have the same abilities with distribution lists as requests related to DLs are very infrequent, but I need her to be able to add/remove from current DLs.

Is there a method or an application out there that will allow me to give her the following abilities:
- Create contacts
- Delete contacts
- Modify contacts
- Add/Remove contacts from existing distribution lists

I would very much appreciate any information. Free solutions are always preferred (of course) but I understand that the best solutions are not always free, so something that is reasonably priced will work.

Thank you all in advance for your advice.
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