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Why BackupExec can utilize the NIC better?

I used RoboCopy to copy data from one Windows 2003 server to the other Windows 2003 server. Both server has 1 GB per second bandwidth but when copying a 10 GB of data, I see the network utilization under the Task Manager show only 7% utilization.
When I use BackupExec to backup the same data, I see the network utilization jumps to 50% or more.
Why and how could BackupExec utitlize the network connection usage so much better? Is there a setting I can change to make the RoboCopy or normal file transfer utilize the network connection usage?
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  You are looking at the work "utilization" wrong. Utilication on a server is BAD. It is how much the server is being taxed. You don't want high utilization number. You want them real low.
Sorry. You are looking at the word (not work)
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So when I see 7% under the networking tab in Task Manager, it means the NIC is using 7% of the OS resources? If so, what kind of resources is that?
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  Most of what you are seeing under the network tab in bandwidth usage. You are using 7% of your bandwidth is all. That isn't bad. On all of those utilization numbers is you start hitting 40-50% things are going to slow way down. If you go much higher then 50% things pretty much become unusable and the server "goes to sleep". Same as on the workstations. You get one program using 60% of the CPU utilization and you probably won't be able to use the workstation for a while.