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User configuration in GPO isnt applied

Hi all experts
I have a problem I need some help to solve.
In my AD I have 1 OU containing users, and 1 OU containing my report generating farm (windows XP computers dedicated to generate reports)
My problem is then:
When my user log on to one of the computers in the report farm, I want to apply different user configuration than normal.
My GPOs are:
Default Domain policy
Company GPO
Team GPO
Farm GPO

When I run the Group Policy Results, I can see that for Computer Configuration have the following GPOs applied:
Default Domain policy
Farm GPO

And for User configuration the following GPOs are applied:
Default Domain policy
Company Policy
Team policy

Why isnt my Farm policy applied for the user configuration?
Farm policy is set to enforced, and security filtering is set to apply to authenticated users, and a security group containing the farm computer objects in AD

Any suggestions would be appriciated :)
Active DirectoryWindows Server 2003Windows XP

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