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Visual Studio 2008 Crystal Reports Charts not available?

I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and I want to add a Crystal Reports chart to a windows desktop app.  I'm using the version of  Crystal that shipped with VS2008.    If I try to add a new Report to an existing project that already has a tabular Crystal Report, the CHART option is available on the top menu in the IDE, BUT when I try to select a graph type, the OK button is greyed out.   If I start a new window desktop app and try to add a Crystal  report, the CHART option on the top  ADD-->INSERT menu is greyed out.   I'm confused.   What am I  doing wrong?   Can I use Charting in this version of Crystal.  My copy of  VS2008 is legal and I registered the Crystal component when it asked.   Dunno if it's relevant, but I also have VS2005 on this machine for some legacy projects that I don't  want to update to 2008.
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I guess I have never tried it with a windows app before only web apps.  But I will be installing VS 2008 here in a couple hours so I will check it out.  Can you create a report with no chart just as a test?
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Yes.. no problem.    I also didn't mention that I'm using VS2008 PRO Version - if that is relevant.   Do I have to add some other project REFERENCES to make this work?   It's been a while since I did the last Crystal Report, so my memory is hazy on exactly what I did.
If the report works ok then you have the right references included I believe.  Chart should just work.  What version of .NET framework is your windows app in?  If it is 3.5 try creating in 2.0 and see if you have the same result.
This particular project is in 3.5.   I have to run out to a client site this morning.  I'll try 2.0 this afternoon.
OK.. I tried switching the target version of the Framework. No difference. Can I prevail upon you to do me a little favor? Can you create me an RPT file with just a blank graph in it? You don't need to bind it or configure it. I just want to see if I can open it. If you are willing, send it to me at <email removed mlmcc>.

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played a lot with this over the weekend and made much the same discoveries.   Somehow I was able to create ONE report that would accept a chart.   Now, if I just use that as a template (or use the wizard to create a report from an existing report), I can insert charts.   Likewise the OK button on the chart dialog screen is greyed out until you select a data source.

Pretty weird.  I find stuff like this with some frequency.  Something really fundamental in a Microsoft product doesn't work.  I figure I'm an idiot and doing something wrong.  I Google like mad and don't find any evidence that anyone else is having the problem.  Then I get into some dialog with someone like you and discover that I'm not alone.   You'd think that this would be the kind of thing that would set the user community aflame - but nothing!  

Anyway - thanks for everything.  At least for hanging in there so I didn't think I am completely crazy!

Yeah I know the feeling - "Something really fundamental in a Microsoft product doesn't work."   It happens a lot more than it should.    Anyways glad you got a solution ....   Cheers